Old Ones of Azamar

Session 1

Journey to the Moon Tower

Session 1:
March 3, 3618: Dove is approached by a small Halfling who introduces himself as Williford Thornbush, also known as Big Willie Johnson. Willie talks to Dove for a bit, buys him a drink, ascertains that they are both knowledgeable of Thieves’ Cant, and walks away suggesting Dove check his pockets (Where he had slipped a note offering Dove a lucrative adventuring opportunity). Dove, being of a stubborn nature, refuses to take the bait and goes about his way.
Drak is approached later by the same Halfling, who decides on a more direct approach with the Warforged, informing Drak he is working as a recruiter for the Adventurer’s Guild and is trying to put together a party as a personal favor to the guildmaster, Hamad ibn Almazin. He tells Drak the opportunity could prove lucrative, and should he be interested, to meet him at a certain fountain in the Temple District.
Drak arrives at the fountain and meets up with another recruit, the armored, hammer-wielding dwarf wizard, Sledge O’Mattock. Willie arrives just in time to see Dove walking by the fountain, who, having never read the note in his pocket, comes over to hear about the opportunity. The three decide to form a party and go to the adventurer’s guild.
The adventurer’s guild is a relatively non-descript building in the Trade District. The door is flanked by two Mul slave warriors. When the group enters, they catch the tail end of a heated argument between Samwell Yosemite of the Ruthless Bastards, and Hamad ibn Almazin, guildmaster of the adventurer’s guild. The Ruthless Bastards storm out in a huff, followed by a series of misused invectives hurled by Hamad. Samwell is a human warrior of possible Cormach stock, with his wild shock of red hair and scraggly beard. He is accompanied by a darkly lovely tiefling wizardess, and a hulking half-orc barbarian. They leave the building cursing.
The group is warmly welcomed into Hamad’s office where they learn that Hamad will set them up with adventuring opportunities, pay them half up front, and put the other half into an account, which will be distributed to a designated beneficiary or given to help the needy in the event of the adventurer’s demise. Hamad tells them of a “bird giving birth to violent elephant men” at the edge of the Barren Wilds in the territory of the Two-Moons plainsmen. He also says that a Clan of the Cormach people in the Whistling Hills wants someone to look into the fact that they have been finding some of their cattle, and at least once people, eviscerated and left on the hillside. Hamad tells them that a privateer who calls himself Captain Hawkins is looking for adventurers to go with him on an expedition to the mysteriously-appearing Moon Tower. Also the halflings of Willowshire are requesting aid to deal with Bullywug incursions into some of their outlying settlements.
The group decides to investigate the Moon Tower. They learn that the Ruthless Bastards were also interested in the Moon Tower, but Samwell and Hawkins have some bad blood between them and since Hawkins had paid for the adventuring contract, Hamad had threatened to put out a bounty should the Ruthless Bastards investigate without Guild sanction.
The group is directed to the docks where they meet up with Capt. Hawkins at the Salty Mermaid. Hawkins explains that he wants some adventurers to come with him because the ghostly tower just started appearing near the beginning of the year and it the tower seems illusory to most, but those who have found a way inside have not returned. They agree to leave on the Sprite in the morning.
March 4, 3618: The group travels to Midsummer Isle, where the Moon Tower has been appearing. They see the illusory tower as they approach the island. When they make landfall, they notice that, in addition to the translucent tower, there is a ramshackle hut, which is solid. Drak immediately makes for the tower, accompanied by Sledge. Dove and Hawkins go to the hut.
Drak notices a strange, smooth, otherworldly stone half-embedded into the ground. The tower seems illusory when he attempts to enter.
Dove investigates the hut, which looks rather innocuous except for 2 large support beams that go up the side of the hut and do not seem to be supporting anything. He calls to the others to come over, and he is welcomed inside by a hideously ugly witch-woman who calls herself “Babs” when asked. Babs tells them in a roundabout way that blood will allow them to enter the tower. Babs offers them wine and stew. Sledge and Dove eat some stew, all except Drak partake of the wine.
The group travels to the stone embedded in the ground in front of the tower and Drak lets a few drops of his “blood” fall onto the stone. The tower then becomes real, but seems now to be in ruins. The walls and doors of the fortress are covered in ancient, partially-faded bas-relief carvings of horrifying alien creatures, and what look like military units composed of creatures similar to Drek. Drek takes rubbings of some of the smaller carvings. The embedded stone where the blood was dropped is covered in fresh blood. They climb the outer wall and enter through the southwest guard tower. They go down ancient stairs and follow a passage to a room with two huge piles of debris from a caved-in ceiling. A creature of amorphous, sizzling slime attacks them. (Corrupted Blood of Mordiggian). They dispatch the creature and find two potion vials (water breathing and flying) and a strange rod with a circle at one end. Further travel reveals an impassable door, of which the rod they found is one of four keys.
The group enters the southeast tower next. They find a side door, a sort of closet, in which was dragged the corpse of the half-orc barbarian member of the Ruthless Bastards. He seemed to have been clutching something in his hand, gone mad, and been cut down by his comrades. Dove severs and takes the hand that had been gripping whatever it was.
They enter another room that seemed empty, but when certain areas were crossed, strange, anthropomorphic worm creatures would appear and attack. (Degenerated Crawling Ones). Fighting their way across the room, they continue on.
Next they find a room full of strange, small creatures in some sort of suspended animation. The creatures look like masses of writhing tentacles supported by hooved goat legs. (Immature Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath.) The creatures animate four at a time whenever the threshold is crossed. The creatures do not seem to be hostile towards Drek, but attack the others. Drek crosses the room to a stone sarcophagus where he finds treasure and the second key. The creatures are dispatched by the adventuring party, and Drek captures one and takes it with him.



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